Walter F. Wolff, Inc.
Bellaire, Texas USA


August 28, 1974

United Softball Club
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Sir:

This letter is to let you know of my pleasure in being host to your United Softball Club while they were in my city. You can feel proud of these men as ambassadors for your country and as representatives of your City and your Club. They deported themselves commendably on the field and made many friends off the field.  

Having been fortunate enough to have met and played against New Zealand's National sides in 1968 and 1970 and your Club side in 1972, and after myself having been in New Zealand in February of this year with the Western United States side, I can truthfully say that your Club side is the strongest I have seen from New Zealand. Individually there may be stronger players in your Country, but the organization and teamwork of your Club side is highly commendable. Their knowledge of the technical points of the game as it is played in the United States is very good and their physical condition and execution is far above average.

On my visit to New Zealand, I came home with a warm feeling for your people and your Country, and the men on your Club side did nothing to change my mind. They all are the type of men I would want to work with and have for my neighbors. You can as New Zealanders and as a club be proud of these men, not only for their skill as athletes, but as fine men.

In closing let me express my great pleasure and pride in the honor your United Softball Club bestowed on me in making me an honorary member of your Club. I can truthfully say it is the most rewarding honor I have ever received.

Looking forward to seeing you and thanking you in person in January 1976 at the World Softball Tournament in New Zealand.